Pulido Transport joins National Tank Truck Carriers

Houston, TX – April 12, 2019

Pulido Transport is proud to join National Tank Truck Carriers. NTTC is dedicated to promoting safe, efficient and economical standards in the operation of cargo tank motor vehicles. The organization represents the tank truck industry before Congress and many of the federal regulatory agencies, including the DOT , EPA, DHS, and their many divisions like PHMSA, FMCSA, and TSA. NTTC is involved in numerous state and local issues that impact tank truck carriers through its affiliate relationship with the American Trucking Associations. As said by Charlie Maloy, Pulido Transport Safety & Compliance Director, “Our NTTC membership will allow us to take advantage of the many opportunities to learn how to improve our safety culture and network with other tank transportation companies to learn best practices.”

Additional information regarding National Tank Truck Carriers can be found at www.tanktruck.org.

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