Pulido Transport provides Drivers with Hand Sanitizer

Houston, TX – April 20, 2020

Pulido Transport continues to focus on protecting its drivers by recently providing COVID-19 Guidelines requiring not only cloth face masks and gloves but also the use of hand sanitizer. Spray bottles full of hand sanitizer were provided to all drivers last week in the Houston and Beaumont terminals. Due to the shortage of hand sanitizer, Management drove to Willis, TX to purchase directly from InkJet. InkJet normally manufacturers industrial inks but using the same chemicals is now producing hand sanitizer.

At the same time, Pulido Transport is transporting isopropyl alcohol which is a major ingredient of hand sanitizer. Americans are purchasing large quantities of hand sanitizer to effectively protect themselves from infection. Around the country, distillers and manufacturers of ink have made the switch to begin production of hand sanitizer to meet the high demand. Pulido Transport has been called upon by many new customers to transport isopropyl alcohol to new locations across the nation.

As said by Joe Pulido, President of Pulido Transport, “We continuously seek ways to protect our drivers in this pandemic so we can ultimately assist our customers who provide critical products to our nation.”

Pulido Transport, established in 1995, is a bulk liquid transporter of lubricants, general chemicals and waxes with terminals in Houston and Beaumont. Our clients include top tier oil & gas and chemical companies for whom we transport across the 48 states and Canada. Our outstanding safety record combined with flexible transportation solutions is how we best add value. For additional information visit www.pulidotransport.com or email alex@pulidotransport.com. #pulidotransport #bulkliquid #tanker #lubricants #waxes #chemicals #storage #transportation #houston #beaumont #isopropylalcohol #alcohol #handsanitizer #txtatrucker #inkjet

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