Director Level Certification Awarded

Houston, TX – April 7, 2023

Congratulations to Charlie Maloy, Pulido Transport Safety & Compliance Director, for successfully completing the National Motor Transportation Certification Program for Fleet Safety and being awarded Director Level Certification. The Certification Program has been structured to recognize those individuals who have achieved the status of professional by the establishment of defined levels of expertise and accomplishment.

Charlie was awarded the Director Level Certification at the Texas Trucking Association Safety Management Council Spring Seminar in Waco, TX on March 29, 2023. Charlie completed required courses, written tests and an oral interview covering safety regulations, compliance and real life scenarios. This Certification is a tribute to his dedication and commitment to safety for Pulido Transport and its customers.

Pulido Transport, established in 1995, is a bulk liquid transporter of lubricants, general chemicals and waxes with a terminal in Houston. Our clients include top tier oil & gas and chemical companies for whom we transport across the 48 states and Canada. Our outstanding safety record combined with flexible transportation solutions is how we best add value. #pulidotransport #carrier #bulkliquid #tanker #lubricants #waxes #chemicals #storage #transportation #houston #txta #directorlevel

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