Breaking News: Pulido Transport Joins ACC’s Responsible Care Partner Program!

We are pleased to announce the acceptance of Pulido Transport, a leading asset-based bulk liquid carrier, into the esteemed Responsible Care Partner Program of the American Chemistry Council (ACC). This achievement serves as a testament to Pulido Transport’s unwavering commitment to ecological stewardship, safety, and ethical practices within the realm of chemical transportation.

Pulido Transport has long been acknowledged for its steadfast dedication to delivering tailored transportation solutions for chemical shipments. With an emphasis on safety, dependability, and utmost customer satisfaction, the company has firmly established itself as a trusted ally within the downstream industry. By enrolling as a member of the ACC’s Responsible Care Partner Program, Pulido Transport reaffirms its determination to promote the principles of responsible chemical management.

The ACC stands as a prestigious organization representing leading corporations involved in the vast chemical industry. Its members employ scientific expertise to create innovative products, technologies, and services that enrich people’s lives while contributing to a safer and healthier world. The ACC is wholly devoted to enhancing environmental, health, safety, and security performance through its esteemed Responsible Care initiative.

Through the implementation of the Responsible Care Global Charter, the ACC and its partners have collectively made a global commitment to augment their performance in the domains of environmental sustainability, health, safety, and security.

By aligning itself with the American Chemistry Council’s Responsible Care Partner Program, Pulido Transport has effectively demonstrated its unyielding devotion to upholding the highest standards of environmental conservation, safety, and sustainability. As a Responsible Care Partner, Pulido Transport will continue to play an instrumental role in shaping the future of responsible chemical management. We at Pulido Transport are very proud of this momentous accomplishment, which further solidifies our standing as an industry leader steadfastly dedicated to the well-being of our environment and society.

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