Pulido Transport held its 2023 Second Quarter Drivers’ Safety Meeting.

On Saturday, July 15, Pulido Transport, a premier provider of bulk liquid transportation services based in Houston, held its 2023 Second Quarter Drivers’ Safety Meeting. This event is always a moment of excitement and unity for the entire Pulido Transport team, bringing together the office staff, company drivers, and owner-operators to collaborate on fostering a culture of safety, efficiency, and unparalleled service.

Prioritizing Safety and Service
As a company that places utmost importance on the safety of its team, customers, and community, Pulido Transport has consistently strived to maintain the highest standards in the industry. Established in 1995, the company has since been a reputable bulk liquid transporter, handling lubricants, general chemicals, and waxes with a strategically located terminal in Houston. Their clientele includes top-tier oil & gas and chemical companies, for whom Pulido Transport provides seamless transportation solutions across the 48 states and Canada.

A Glimpse into the Meeting
The 2023 Second Quarter Drivers’ Safety Meeting covered an array of crucial topics, each one aimed at reinforcing their commitment to safety, compliance, and customer satisfaction. Here’s an overview of the key aspects discussed during the event:

1. Safety & Compliance Updates
Safety and compliance are the cornerstones of Pulido Transport’s operations. The team made sure that each participant was informed and prepared to perform their responsibilities responsibly by sharing the most recent updates and developments in their safety protocols throughout the meeting.

2. Operations & Dispatch Enhancements
To streamline their operations and enhance efficiency, Pulido Transport presented their drivers and staff with a series of dispatch enhancements. These improvements are designed to optimize routes, reduce transit times, and minimize any potential logistical hurdles.

3. Industry News Highlights
In the quick-paced world of bulk liquid transportation, keeping up with the most recent industry trends is essential. The gathering served as a forum for the discussion of recent events, developing technology, and regulatory changes that may have an influence on the business and its clients.

4. Company and Customer Happenings
Pulido Transport used this chance to communicate notable business and client updates, understanding the need of keeping solid ties with both staff and clients. This encourages a sense of belonging inside the company and makes sure that everyone is informed and involved.

The Guest Speaker: Officer Orlando Ortega
One of the highlights of the event was the presence of Officer Orlando Ortega, an esteemed guest speaker who brought invaluable insights to the table. Officer Ortega’s expertise lies in driver and vehicle violations, commercial vehicle inspection checklists, and CSA scores.

His presentation shed light on the importance of adhering to all traffic and safety regulations, emphasizing the significance of routine vehicle inspections, and the impact of CSA scores on the overall safety and compliance standing of the company.

Driving Towards Excellence
At Pulido Transport, the commitment to excellence goes beyond mere words. It is ingrained in the fabric of their operations, and each employee plays an essential role in upholding this standard. The Drivers’ Safety Meeting serves as a testament to the organization’s dedication to fostering a safety-first culture that ultimately benefits their valued customers and the broader community.

The 2023 Second Quarter Drivers’ Safety Meeting at Pulido Transport turned out to be an educational and productive event where useful information and insights were disseminated in an effort to improve safety, compliance, and operational effectiveness.

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